# Where should I start?

If you are brand new to Patex, we recommend checking out the guideline For Developers It'll get you familiar with the core steps required to work with a network. Luckily, Patex is EVM equivalent, so it's 100% the same as deploying a contract to Ethereum.

If you're a bit more familiar with Patex and Ethereum, you can try walking through one of the various tutorials (opens new window) put together by the Patex community. They'll help you get a started when building your first Patex project.

# Guides

These guides provide integration guidelines for specific topics. They are intended as one stop shops, and should have all the relevant information you need for completing a specific type of integration, from network information and tutorials to tips and tricks.

We're aiming to maintain guides for many of the common interactions that developers might have with Patex. For example, we have guides for adding Patex support to a wallet or a CEX. We also have guides for getting your token onto the standard bridge (opens new window).

Take a look at the list on the left for a complete list of the guides we've created so far.

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